Researcher Concordat

The Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers is an agreement between the funders and employers of researchers in the UK. It sets out the expectations and responsibilities of each stakeholder in researcher careers – researchers themselves, their managers, employers and funders.

The Concordat consists of seven key principles for the support and management of research careers, covering

  • recruitment and selection
  • recognition and value
  • support and career development
  • researchers’ responsibilities
  • diversity and equality
  • implementation and review

Implementation of the Concordat

Within Sheffield Hallam University (SHU), the Researcher Concordat Operations Group (RCOG) maintains oversight of the Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers and the HR Excellence in Research Award. RCOG reports to the Chair of the University’s Creating Knowledge Board and the current membership is:

Name Role Faculty / Directorate
Prof Joanne Butt Professor of Sport Psychology / Senior Faculty representative HWB
Prof Doug Cleaver Professor of Materials Modelling and Doctoral School Director / Chair of RCOG STA
Dr Christopher Damm Research Fellow / ECR Faculty representative SSH
Dr Kathy Doherty Faculty Head of Research Degrees / Senior Faculty representative STA
Dr Anita Gurney Head of Research Support RIO
Prof Paul Hickman Department Research Lead, Psychology, Sociology & Politics SSH
Mrs Juliet Hinrichsen Academic Professional Development lead Provost Group
Mr Richard Hughes People Development Manager HROD
Prof Ann Macaskill Head of Research Ethics, and institutional lead on Epigeum Research Leadership Development Group SSH
Dr Nicola Palmer Head of Doctoral Training, Doctoral School RIO
Miss Aloma Onyemah Head of Equality & Diversity HROD
Dr Elizabeth Scanlon Researcher Development Adviser / Secretary to RCOG RIO
Dr Pallavi Singh Senior Lecturer in Marketing / ECR Faculty representative SBS
Dr Julie Skilbeck Senior Lecturer in Nursing / ECR Faculty representative HWB
Dr Sarah Smith Doctoral School Manager RIO
Dr Paul Stokes Research Lead, Department of Management / Senior Faculty representative SBS
Dr Xu Xu Senior Lecturer in Control Systems Engineering / ECR Faculty representative STA

Our current action plan and previous activity can be found on the university website.