Domain C: Research governance and organisation

Domain C

This domain relates to the knowledge of the standards, requirements, and professional conduct that are needed for the effective management of research.

Sub-Domains Summary
1. Professional Conduct

  1. Health and safety
  2. Ethics, principles and sustainability
  3. Legal requirements
  4. IPR and copyright
  5. Respect and confidentiality
  6. Attribution and co-authorship
  7. Appropriate practice
Knowledge of:

  • Health and safety issues, confidentiality, and ethical requirements of his/her research field
  • The legal requirements and regulations relating to the area of research and the research environment
  • The principles of intellectual property rights (IPR) and copyright issues, as they relate to research, its commercialisation and dissemination
  • Organisational and professional requirements and environmental impact of research
  • The concept of corporate social responsibility


  • Respects, acknowledges, and attributes the contribution of others
  • Seeks to protect, where appropriate, the intellectual assets arising from research and to maximise the wider value of research findings
  • Acts with professional integrity in all aspects of research governance
  • Uses institutional/organisational resources responsibly and appropriately
  • Seeks ways of working in a sustainable manner


  • Respects, upholds, and meets professional standards and requirements
2. Research Management

  1. Research strategy
  2. Project planning and delivery
  3. Risk management
Knowledge of:

  • The contribution of research to the health of disciplines and institutional missions
  • Project management tools and techniques


  • Applies appropriate project management tools and techniques
  • Sets goals and plans and manages resources to deliver results
  • Effectively assesses and manages risks
  • Evaluates the effectiveness of research projects
3. Finance, Funding and Resources

  1. Income and funding generation
  2. Financial management
  3. Infrastructure and resources
Knowledge of:

  • The requirement for research income generation and financial management
  • Mechanisms for funding, the range of funding sources, and the processes for making applications
  • Local administrative systems, reporting procedures, and infrastructure processes


  • Responsibly manages finances, resources, and infrastructures related to research