Timetabling Review

Ashley Hopps, Head of Space Resources and Timetabling presented on the Timetabling Review to the April Shaping Futures Board.


  • The paper summarises findings of the Timetabling review commissioned through Southern Universities Management Services (SUMS) between November 2017 – February 2018. The review supports and builds upon an earlier timetabling report published to ULT in February 2017.
  • SUMS made a total of 27 recommendations. These have been grouped into five coherent work streams which provide a structure for improving processes.
  • Two work streams cover the process and timings of academic workload planning (AWP) and curriculum development/ modification. Both provide critical data for the development of the timetable. Changes to staff allocated to teaching activities is one of the main reasons for changes to the timetable following its publication to students. The Board agreed to appointing a senior level academic colleague to support and sponsor projects in these areas.
  • The three remaining work streams fall under the headings; improving the student experience, developing the team and modelling the teaching estate. The board approved development of recommendations set out in the review, full details of which are listed in the paper.




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