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June 30, 2022

June Spark! Newsletter

Hello everyone, I hope you all have recovered from our recent five-day weekend. Personally, I feel like I need another one to rest after throwing multiple family parties, but it is nice to be able to spend time with one another again. In this month’s newsletter, we will be focusing on Pride, along with a couple of committee updates and what is happening on campus. I look forward to seeing you all at the next Spark! Committee meeting on Friday the 24th of June.  


New Committee Chairs   

Congratulations to Holly Corso, Nick Russell, and Chris Ross who will now be co-chairing the Spark! Committee. I look forward to seeing how the trio will develop Spark! Over the coming months.  


New Health & Wellbeing Initiative Opens at SHU  

The new Well.Me programme provides precision physical monitoring of vital health metrics using the Well.Point Health Kiosks combined with the Well.Me app. This initiative is available to both students and staff and allows users to set personal goals and share their experiences with other members of the SHU community.  

Well.Point kiosks have been installed in City (Owen) and The Heart of the Campus (Collegiate) reception areas. To get involved conduct your first health check using one of the Well.Point kiosks, receive your results via email and then download the Well.Me app to start your journey to a healthier lifestyle.  

For more information click here.  


Mental Health Training Module   

SHU has launched a new training module to support its’ staff members. ‘Mental Health in the Workplace’ looks at common mental health problems such as stress, anxiety, and depression as well as their impact in the workplace. The module can be found by logging into Blackboard and selecting the HROD People Development module site. 



Inclusive Hallam Events  

Last month’s Inclusive Hallam Event: making part-time working work is now available to watch here. To find out more about working flexibly because of a disability, impairment, or condition, visit Scope for guidance on asking for flexible working as a reasonable adjustment by clicking here.  

The final Inclusive Hallam Event of 21/22 will take place on the 20th of June from 11:30.This event will focus on the lived experiences of LGBTQ+ people coming out to family and friends. This event will inspire you to reflect on being a better ally at work and at home by giving you a deeper understanding of coming out through the lived experiences of those supporting people through this process. Find out more and sign up for the event by clicking here.  


Want to get involved in Pride 2022?  

Did you know that we celebrate Pride in June following the Stonewall riots in the late June of 1969. One of the leaders of this revolution was Marsha P. Johnson, a transgender, black, disabled woman who fought for the rights of marginalised groups up until her death in 1992. This year, take the time to learn about the history of the LGBTQ+ community or join in with Sheffield’s pride events. You can also find out more about SHU’s own LGBTQ+ network by clicking here. 

Sheffield Pinknic  

Sheffield Pinknic is a yearly free event held at the Peace Gardens to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community. The event will take place on Saturday the 16th of July from 11:00 – 1900. To find out more visit 

LGBTQ+ Resources in the SHU Library  

As a member of staff, you have access to a wide range of resources within the SHU library, including e-books and films. The LGBTQ+ reading list champions the achievements of the community as well as its’ history and offers support to people that identify as being part of the LGBTQ+. To access the reading list click here.  

LGBTQ+ Shows, Films & Documentaries 

Stonewall forever  is available to watch for free on YouTube, discussing the past, present and future of queer activism. And, if you have access to streaming services, Indiewire has listed 30 of the best LGBTQ+ films and shows to watch this June.  



June Awareness Dates  

Although we are now halfway through June, there are still a few awareness days and weeks to look out for:  


01/06/2022 – 30/06/2022 – Pride 

Pride’s 2022 theme is in collaboration with WPP, an organisation that campaigns for LGBT+ inclusion in the workplace. #AllOurPride is a commemoration of key historic events which have improved diversity across the UK over the last five decades.                                              


20/06/2022 – 26/06/2022 – Learning Disability Week  

This year, mencap wants to show how people with a learning disability are reconnecting with friends and their communities. Mencap also wants to talk about the issues many people still face after the end of COVID restrictions, like still having to isolate or dealing with poor mental health and anxiety.  

27/06/2022 – 03/07/2022 – Deafblind Awareness Wee 

Each year during Deafblind Awareness Week deafblind UK runs events, activities, and campaigns to raise awareness of dual sensory loss. They aim to inspire those living with deafblindness and to raise awareness of dual sensory loss. Deafblind Awareness Week is always at the end of June to commemorate Helen Kellar’s birthday, the 27th of June. Helen Keller’s work made an enormous difference to the field of sight and hearing loss. Without her efforts, the world today may be vastly different for deafblind people. 


Call for new committee members 

The network needs more committee members to help sustain and continue to grow the work we can do. Please email Spark at if you might be interested in joining the committee. We will invite you to the next committee meeting so you can get a feel for what is involved and there is absolutely no pressure if you decide it is not right for you. 



Best wishes,  

Branwyn (She/Her) and the Spark! Committee 

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