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September 28, 2021

Dyslexia Week 2021 4th-10th October

Dyslexia is an invisible learning difference which effects peoples in different ways. 10% of people are believed to be dyslexic, but it is still often poorly understood.

 Depending on the day, I (Nick) talk about and view my dyslexia in different ways. Some days it helps me see problems in a different way to other people and to find innovative solutions. Other days it causes me feeling of inadequacy and stress when, for example, I spell a word so wrong spell checker is left clueless.

In trying to be positive about disability people often only highlight the “superpowers” specific learning differences such as dyslexia can bring but it is also important to be mindful of the difficulties it brings both practically and for people’s confidence and mental health.

The Tuesday of this year’s dyslexia week is focusing on adults with dyslexia and how dyslexia is overlooked in the workplace and higher education. For more information and training visit the British Dyslexia Association website. There is going to be a free training course made available during this week which we would encourage people to complete and share with colleagues, friends and family.

There is a wealth of Hallam specific information on HRODs dedicated Dyslexia page including support for managers, staff and students.

Twinkl have also produced a series of resources on supporting children with Dyslexia.