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June 8, 2021



SPARK! have joined together with the Parent and Carer staff network to put on a series of events to celebrate Carers Week 2021, which runs from June 7th until June 13th. Carers Week is an opportunity to recognise the contributions of carers all over and the help they provide to so many others in need. Looking into it you may come to see where you yourself may be caring for someone in some form, and that is no bad thing!


Keep an eye on We Are Hallam for more updates and information.

MONDAY: All Parents are Carers but not all Carers are Parents.

Featured blog post by Ruth Feather:

TUESDAY: How to accept being cared for as an adult / What it was like growing up as a child with a disability?

Check out the SPARK! blog on the day for new posts.

WEDNESDAY: Young carers.

A student ambassador shares their experience of being a young carer.

THURSDAY: Caring for elderly/ ‘sandwich caring’

Podcast and blog post from Angela Mae-Banbury.

FRIDAY: Support for Carers.

Resources from Sheffield Carers Centre, along with an opportunity to join their consultation group.


The number of carers are on the rise at a national level. Better support comes with more accurate numbers, so please remember to check and update your caring status in CORE.



We would like to thank everyone for a successful event for World IBD Day. If you haven’t already, please check out Sam and Conor’s stories on the SPARK! blog –



The SPARK! committee has recently brought in the idea of kickstarting a random coffee service between the network members. The idea is only in the early stages, a perfect time to gauge interest. If you support the idea of having random coffee meetings with other members of SPARK! or general feedback for it, please get in touch.



If you would be interested in joining the committee please email us at We will invite you to the next committee meeting so you can come and see if it is something you would like to involved in further. We want to continue to grow and develop the network but we need more help to do this.


Best wishes

the SPARK! network Committee