Reading List Online

Having an RLO ( Reading List Online ) is beneficial for your students, as it enables them to know which resources they should be reading to complete the module. Click here for online guidance on how to create an RLO. Otherwise contact your department Learning and Teaching Librarian for specific guidance.

RLO books-01

  • Anastasia Kelly – OBHRM, Marketing and Strategic Management
  • Emma Finney – Food
  • Geoff Russell – Department of Finance, Accounting and Business Systems
  • Philip Ashton – Department of Service Sector Management (minus food)
  • Paul Conway – Languages and International Business and Economics

Attaching an RLO to a Blackboard site

It is quite common for RLO’s to be created, but not attached to the Blackboard site. This can cause some confusion between staff and students!

Attaching an RLO requires 3 simple steps

  1. Go to the ‘Support Resources‘ tab on the correct module site
  2. Click ‘Build Content‘, then ‘RLO Resource List

RLO1 3. Click ‘Submit


This will create a link which will look identical to the image below. Students can click on the link to be taken to your RLO.


For more guidance on attaching an RLO to a Blackboard site, contact the TEL team.