Video feedback

This approach uses screencasts, to demonstrate and deliver both audio and video feedback

Benefits of using video feedback

  1. Deliver a screencast and save the file to grade centre
  2. Focused, targeted feedback, students hear comments, whilst looking at their work
  3. Useful when the work is particularly visual, or complicated eg an excel spreadsheet with lots of formulas
  4. Simple technology, click start and stop and then output

Getting started

  1. Go to
  2. Create an account
  3. Sit somewhere quiet
  4. Open the student assignment
  5. Start recording
  6. Save and export the finished video

Issue and Considerations

  1. you need to be in a quiet space to record the feedback
  2. turn off all desktop alerts and phones
  3. navigate through the student work as you would if they were sat in front of you
  4. be yourself – personality in this form of feedback is important

Getting started guide here