Crocodoc will allow you to view, provide feedback on, and grade student-submitted assignment files without leaving the Grade Assignment page (i.e. the page that you access through the Grade Centre to get to student assignment submissions). When students submit their files to an assignment, that file is converted into a format that is viewable inside Blackboard. All formatting and embedded images, charts, tables and so on are preserved in the conversion.  Staff members can then annotate the file directly online without needing to download the student work and re-upload it.

Grading student work in this way can encourage students to engage with and learn from their feedback as they can see directly where comments relate to specific points in their work in a legible way. It is also a streamlined and efficient method of grading student work submitted online than it is to download student work to annotate offline, and then have to upload the feedback.

Here is how you can use Crocodoc to mark students work online.

As online marking and feedback may be difficult for second markers, here is how you can download a script annotated with crocodoc.

Important things to note

  1. 60 minute timer

When you go into a marking session on Crocodoc a 60 minute timer will start. After 55 minutes you will receive a 5 minute warning. Before the 60 minutes expires save the work as draft then refresh the page to start the countdown again. If you continue to add comments without saving the work, the comments will appear but they will not be saved. Any comments and annotations made within the initial 60 minutes will be automatically saved, and anything typed in the ‘Feedback to User’ box can be saved by clicking Submit or Save Draft.

  1. Internet connection

Only comments and annotations added while you are connected to the internet will be successfully saved. Any comments added if your connection goes offline will not be saved and you will not be notified of this.

  1. Multiple markers

Multiple markers can work simultaneously on the same marking session. The comments and annotations added by each marker will appear once you leave the marking session and re-enter. If comments are made in the ‘Feedback to User’ box by more than one marker, the comments made by the marker who most recently saved will display – and the same applies to the grade.

If you have any questions ask a member of the TEL team.

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