Uploading Feedback

Uploading Feedback via Grade Centre

You can upload a variety of files as feedback for a student. They can include Word documents (.doc/.docx), Excel workbooks (.xls/.xlsx), PDFs (.pdf) and audio and video files. When using audio or video files remember to save them as a common format so that students can open them. Standard files for audio are .mp3, and for video .mp4, .m4v, .mov or .wmv. Also, be aware of the file sizes as large files may take a long time to upload especially if you are on a slow internet connection.

If your students have uploaded their work via a submission point, when you hover over the chevron in Grade Centre you will get three options.

View grade details

They are, ‘View Grade Details‘, ‘Exempt Grade’ and ‘Attempt xx/xx/17‘.

Click on ‘Attempt xx/xx/17‘.

View attempt

This will open up the Crocodoc online marking editor plugin.

Click on the dropdown

In the light blue panel on the right-hand side there is a small ‘down’ chevron. Click on this and it will expand the feedback box.

Add notes

At the bottom of this box there is a paperclip symbol. Click on it and it will open up a new dialogue box asking you to upload a document.

Browse content

Browse to the file you wish to add, click open and then on Submit. You can add multiple files at this point. The files will now appear in the Feedback box. You can also type feedback in to this box.

Add feedback and attached file

Click on ‘Submit‘ and the feedback will be attached. Please note that a grade must be entered for you to be able to save the feedback.

Students will be able to see their grades and feedback when they click on their ‘My Grades‘ link on the module site.