As SHU policy regarding submission and feedback of student work has changed, the way external moderators access work has naturally followed. Module leaders are advised to use the folder on the left menu to upload any documents needed. A smart view can also be created if work has been marked via crocodoc or a rubric. Read below to learn more about how to use the different tools available. 


The External Examiner folder in the left-hand menu where all documents needed for moderation should be stored. If this content area is not available on your site you may need to create one. Click on the ‘+‘ symbol at the top of the column and in the drop-down select ‘Content Area‘, then give it the name ‘External Examiners‘. It will now appear at the bottom of your left-hand navigation. Drag and drop it in to the position you want it to occupy.

The relevant students work and feedback files need to be uploaded to this folder, alongside any extra documents i.e. marking criteria or assignment brief. If the work has been marked using a rubric or crocodoc, it may be easier for you to create a smart view for moderation as the External Examiner will be able to see all of this on screen.


Smart View

A smart view can be created, to signpost the external member of staff to view only the relevant student’s work. The external will need to access the smart view by selecting Grade Centre, then selecting the External Examiner group.


Or if there is no group visible under the Grade Centre tab, they can access the smart view via Full Grade Centre by selecting Manage from the menu, then Smart Views.


Smart views are good as they are less time consuming, but can cause issues if the external member of staff is not confident with using online marking.

Please note if feedback files i.e. word documents or audio/video feedback has been uploaded to Grade Centre, the moderator will need to be access it via ‘View Grade Details’ rather than the attempt.


The files can be accessed under Feedback to User. Click on the file to download.


Help from the TEL team

Here are some guides to help the change to online moderation

If you have any queries regarding external moderation and Blackboard, contact the TEL team.