Submission Point Templates

Currently University policy for students at levels 3, 4 and 7 is for them to submit and receive feedback for assessments online. It is essential that assessment points in Blackboard to be signposted in a clear and understandable way with all the criteria the student needs to meet.

Some module sites have more than one written assignment, so submission points can become confusing to students. We suggest creating a separate folder for each assignment, clearly marked to signpost students where to submit. Add a meaningful description to these folders if you have multiple submission points.

The TEL team have created a set of templates for staff to use on blackboard sites to help prevent unnecessary confusion by students. You can copy and paste these templates into the appropriate areas on your blackboard site. Remember, these are only templates, therefore they will need editing according to your submission details.

Here are the templates for the two different submission points:


Blackboard submission point

Upload your final assignment to this submission point by clicking on the link above.

The due date for this assignment is: 3.30pm on the xx/xx/2016.

Please upload your work as either a Word document (.doc/.docx), PowerPoint (.ppt/.pptx), Excel (.xls/.xlsx) or a PDF (.pdf).

You have 1 attempt to submit your assignment and 1 back up attempt.  If you are still experiencing difficulties, contact the SHIP before the deadline.

SHIP telephone: 0114 225 5256


Turnitin submission point

Please upload your final assignment to this Turnitin submission point to check its originality score by clicking on the link below. Please note that you must upload your final assignment to the Blackboard submission point for it to be marked.  


“But I’ve already set up my module sites for 2016/2017”

If you have already set up your blackboard site, it is still possible to use these templates.  Once they have been set up you can go back and edit your submission points at any time. Click the down-facing arrow to the right of the place you would like to add the template and select edit. You can copy, paste and edit the template in the text box. Remember to edit as necessary.

We advise that once students start to submit their work that you do not make any alterations to the submission point.

For any extra help with setting up blackboard sites to be meaningful for the student, contact a member of the TEL team.