Assessment changes and support 2017/18

The SHU assessment policy has changed for 2017/18 to include students at all levels for online submission and feedback of work. Alongside this the Late Submission of Work policy allows students to submit work within 24 hours after the deadline to receive a capped mark at the pass rate. You can find out more about the new policies by clicking this link.

To support the new policies the Blackboard submission points have been automatically created with the usual standard deadline of 3:30pm. They are set to remain open for seven weeks after the deadline to allow for submission of late work, approved extensions and IMR.


What do module leaders need to set up on Blackboard in terms of assessment?

  • Check the automatically created submission points. If you’re submission point hasn’t been created or you would like to change the deadline or type of assignment you will need to seek approval from course leaders before submitting the changes to Iain McConnachie. Then you are able to make the approved changes on Blackboard. Please note columns in Grade Centre for exams and reassessment should be set up later.
  • Where necessary create a Turnitin submission point as a text-matching tool. Click here for guidance.
  • Add the feedback deadlines in student calendars. Click here for guidance.

How do we access information surrounding assessments and summative deadlines?

There will be an Assessment Statement for both staff and students available from Monday 25th September. This will be accessed via ShuSpace. Staff can access individual students Assessment Statement via SITS.

How do I know if a student has submitted on time or within the 24 hour late period?

You will have access to a marking report to check the status of your student submissions. This will be accessible via ShuSpace.

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