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How are extensions and learning contracts managed?

The staff on SHIP are managing extensions on module sites by setting an adaptive release on the Blackboard submission points, allowing students with extensions to see the submission point after the deadline has closed.


How do I know which students have extensions?

To find out which students on your module have extensions, you can ring SHIP on 0114 225 5256 or follow the steps below.

Select ‘Groups‘, in the left-hand navigation pane on your module site.


See the SHIP Assignment 5 day ext and 10 day ext groups. The name of the group will give you the date of the extension deadline. Click on the group to find the names of the students who have been given an extension.

1.SHIP groups

How can I set up a submission point for extensions to be easily managed?

When setting up a submission point it is important to remember to close the submission point at 3:30pm on the day of hand in. By not closing the submission point, or setting the deadline at 11:59pm you will be causing problems for your students with extensions to submit. Blackboard automatically sets the deadline to 3.30pm when you set the hand in date. See below how to make the submission point available only to the deadline.


We advise not setting a Due Date as work submitted through the extension process will be marked as ‘Late’  which may cause  some confusion. See below the due date on a submission point. 



If you are also using a Turnitin submission point please note that the clock used is a 12 hour clock, not a 24 hour as on Blackboard. Remember to set your submission closing time to 3.30pm on the date of hand in. Please note that the staff on SHIP will not alter the dates on Turnitin submission points.

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