Turnitin Submission Point

Setting up a Turnitin submission point is simple when you follow these step-by-step instructions! 

  1. Set up an ‘Assessment’ section on your module menu on the left hand side of your site.
    menu assessment
  2. Set up separate folders within your ‘Assessment’ section on your site for any submissions the students are participating in.
    submission folders
  3. When setting up the submission point label this clearly and add any specific instructions for the students.
    turnitin descrip
  4. Label the submission point clearly and set a date for it to become available to students and to be removed. For example, if it is formative reasons ensure it is available at least 5 weeks before the deadline and closes after the deadline.
    tii due date
  5. Go to the ‘optional settings’ on Turnitin and customise your submission point for the needs of you and your students.
    tii settings
  6. Select how you would like your submission point to work, make sure you state whether you want submissions after the date and if you would like Turnitin to generate originality reports. Below are the suggested settings; 
    tii settings 2
  7. Now set up how you would like the originality report to be structured and what materials it should include and exclude. Below are the recommended settings;
    tii origin
  8. Your final steps are to ensure you have selected whether the students can view their originality report and where their paper will be submitted to.
    final tii

Be aware; if you are using this as a formative measure do NOT allow their work to be submitted to the ‘standard paper repository’ as it will then be added to Turnitin’s pool of work and give the students larger results as they continue to submit for originality checking.

If you need any more assistance please contact the faculty TEL team; 

Jason Ruffell- x 5213

Tamsin Carr- x 3293

Matthew Sparham- x 4989

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