Blackboard Submission Point

Setting up a Blackboard Submission Point is simple when you follow these step-by-step instructions! 

  1. Set up an ‘Assessment’ section on your module menu on the left hand side of your site.
    menu assessment
  2. Set up separate folders within your ‘Assessment’ section for any submissions the students are participating in.
    submission folders
  3. When setting up the submission point label this clearly and add any specific instructions the students may need for submission of their assignment.
    coursework instructions
  4. Set the deadline time to 15:30pm on the deadline date.
    due date
  5. If you have a feedback rubric that you will use as part of your marking, add this to the submission point.
  6. State whether the submission is an ‘individual’, ‘group’ or portfolio submission at this time along with how many submission attempts you will allow the students.
    Be aware; the university best practice of this at the current time is a single attempt for online submissions.
    submission details
  7. Set when you would like this to be released to students, this should be at least three weeks prior to the deadline date.
    release date

If you follow these step-by-step instructions then you are ready to go! If you experience any problems or need any further assistance please contact the faculty TEL team; 

Jason Ruffell- x 5213

Tamsin Carr- x 3293

Matthew Sparham- x 4989

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