Final Checklist


There is a lot to remember when you are getting ready to travel to a new country, so here is a checklist to help you.

After you have received your offer

  • Return the acceptance slip included in your offer letter.
  • Ensure you have adequate funds for staying in the UK.
  • Apply for a visa/entry clearance (non-EU students only).

Before you leave

  • Plan to arrive before the start date of your exchange and the Orientation Programme.
  • Book your accommodation at
  • Send us your arrival details and book on to the Manchester Airport pick-up service at
  • Arrange medical insurance if you are in the UK for less than six months.
  • Arrange travel insurance for your possessions.
  • Order British currency and/or travellers’ cheques for immediate expenses upon arrival.
  • Check whether your government has restrictions on how much money you can take out of your country.
  • Photocopy important documents and make notes of serial numbers. Pack these separately from the originals.

What to bring in your hand luggage

  • Your passport and visa (if applicable) or national identity card
  • The letter of acceptance for your exchange.
  • Medication and details of medical conditions. Bring a letter from your doctor detailing any prescribed drugs you are taking.
  • Details and policy wording for any insurance you have arranged.
  • Enough money in sterling and/or travellers’ cheques for your first few weeks.
  • Any accommodation contracts/payments you have been asked to bring with you.