About Sheffield Business School


Welcome to Sheffield Business School, part of Sheffield Hallam University.

Our mission is to deliver a broad range of education and research that is informed, influenced and enriched by our relationships with industry, business and the wider stakeholder community. We pride ourselves on the relevance of our work and we place employability and social responsibility at the strategic core of all that we do.

We aim to be known for:

  • supportive, challenging and professional student experience;
  • an international network of active and productive partnerships;
  • practice-based education that produces socially responsible innovators and entrepreneurial leaders;
  • practice-based research with a global reach that helps improve business performance demonstrating sustainable responsibility to business, society and the environment

See our infographics to find out more.

We have three academic departments.

We have a growing number of established links and partnerships with universities and institutions around the world. We strongly encourage all of our students to gain international and cultural experience as we know how important it is in today’s global business community. We have exchange agreements with an increasing number of institutions around the world. Our most common programmes are European exchanges under the Erasmus exchange scheme but we also have opportunities for exchanges as far afield as Australia, Canada and the USA.