Diane – my Erasmus experience

Diane RebillonDiane Rébillon – Institute of Business Studies, Bordeaux

In few weeks I will finish my Erasmus program. During this year I studied different modules mainly focused on marketing, management and international openness.

Now, with a little hindsight, I can say that this experience was valuable and enriching both on a human scale and regarding my professional project. The elements which impressed me this year are:


  • The kindness and availability of English people, always ready to be of service, always interested and interesting
  • The English culture which is, by nature, a culture of sharing and friendliness
  • The educational system based on attentiveness and respect. There are no stupid questions and every comments are good to take
  • The architecture which is a mix of modern and classic worthy of the Harry Potter movies

I have discovered and lived surrounded by students from everywhere for a year which is, in my opinion, the best possible experience. The different activities organized by the university (Introduction week, trip around United Kingdom…) have been made to accommodate international students. Fulfilled is probably the most appropriate term that I am looking for to explain how glad I am.