Visiting Fellow’s performance management framework scores highly with international audience

Visiting Fellow Max Moullin gave an extended seminar on ‘Improving quality and performance with the Public Sector Scorecard’ in London to over 20 performance management directors from the Guangxi Region of China last month.

The seminar was arranged by Sino-Bridge International as the delegation wished to learn more about government performance measurement and management in the UK. The delegation was led by Mr WEI Xinzhong, Deputy Director of Leadership Office for Performance Appraisal of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

The Public Sector Scorecard (PSS) which Max originally developed in 2001, has been described by the Operational Research Society as “moving performance management from a top-down, blinkered, blame-game approach to a system founded on inclusiveness, cooperation and understanding”.  It has been used in Canada (health and infrastructure departments) Chile (healthcare), South Africa (transport and healthcare) and throughout Europe.

The PSS is an integrated strategy mapping, service improvement and performance management framework for the public and voluntary sectors. It focuses on the outcomes that matter to service users and other key stakeholders, including value for money. It incorporates systems-thinking and has proved particularly useful in achieving outcomes across organisational boundaries e.g. addressing obesity and improving ethnic minority employment.

John Mothersole, Sheffield City Council’s Chief Executive, referring to a major project in the City integrating health and adult social care, said: “The PSS was very helpful, as it enables one to see what’s happening across the health and social care system and where the balance of risks lies.”

To find out more about the PSS visit or download the below paper which had over 700 downloads in the first month.

Moullin, M. (2017),”Improving and evaluating performance with the Public Sector Scorecard”, International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management, Vol. 66 Issue: 4, pp.442-458

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