Preparing for rollover

Thanks to DylanRoll over of lists from 2015/2016 to 2016/2017 will be happening at the end of May. All the current year’s published lists will be copied over to the new academic year.

Please delete or archive any lists for modules that are not running in 2015/2016 so that they are rolled over unnecessarily.

Build Content for a pain free rollover

RolloverThe rollover of RLO lists will take place in mid-May in preparation for the Blackboard rollover a few days later.

At rollover all published lists for 2014/15 will be copied for 2015/16.

When Blackboard then has its own rollover, the links to lists that have been attached to modules using the Building Block (i.e. the Build Content > Create RLO Resource List option) will automatically be updated to point to the new version.

It is important to note that if you have not used this route to attach your list then the link in your 2015/16 Blackboard module will continue to point to the old 2014/15 version.

It is very easy to link to your RLO lists using the Building Block; the short video below shows exactly how it’s done.

Bb organisations and RLO lists

Links to RLO lists in Blackboard organisations are not rolled over automatically as they are in module sites.

If you have added a link to a list in a Bb organisation you will have to manually change that link when all rollovers have taken place; Blackboard and RLO are happening within days of each other.

If you are unsure what to do use the Feedback link in RLO to ask us.

Can’t find your list?

To prepare for the rollover of lists to the new year we will be archiving lists:

  • not edited since last rollover AND
  • not attached to modules

Should they be needed archived lists can be easily restored.  Just get in touch with us via the Feedback link in RLO.

RLO hierarchy shows modules that are no longer running

Blackboard courses that are no longer running may have trailing students that have not RIPcompleted the module.  There will therefore be a current year Blackboard site for those students although academic staff will say that this module is no longer running – which strictly speaking is the case.

Such modules should have the previous year’s RLO attached to the module.

This will mean that:

  • the students see the correct RLO for the year they started the module
  • the RLO statistics will indicate that a list is attached to that module (ie it’s not a module without a list)
  • this list will not be rolled over in the summer.
Modules being revalidated may have new codes and titles.  Unless the module leader deletes the rolled over Blackboard site for the previous title the fact that it has no students will not be picked up until the following year.


Old links to Talis Lists

TLIf you added a link to a reading list in the Talis List system as an external link to an area of a Blackboard site last year or before these links will not work after December 2013.  You should therefore redo them with the new RLO list URL.


Wherever possible you should use the Resource List link in Add Content.




Organisations:  you can currently only add a list to a Bb organisation by adding it as an external link.  This link will have to be amended each year when the list is rolled over and a list for the new year is created.

RLO Blackboard building block is live!

www.lumaxart.comThe Blackboard / RLO building block is now available and you can make the links to Resource Lists Online from within a Blackboard module site.

Adding a list in this way ensures the students see the correct year’s list and will ensure that when your course rolls over next year the appropriate year’s list will be attached to that  site.

First, you must ensure the list is linked to the appropriate module in the RLO hierarchy.

We recommend it is added to the Support Resources content area if there is one.  This will ensure consistency across Blackboard sites which students have raised as a problem for them.

Choose RLO Resource List from the drop down menu in the Build Content tab.

Note – if you previously had a Talis List link in your Blackboard site you now need to remove this.  This building block is only available for module sites.  Adding a link to and RLO in a Bb organisation needs to be done by adding an external link and the list url.

Are 2013/14 lists in My Lists since rollover?

Make sure you edit the right list!

Since rollover academic staff should see lists for both 2012/2013 and 2013/2014 in their My Lists.  The lists for 2013/2014 will appear at the top of their My Lists and will have a yellow warning notice that says it won’t start until 01/08/2013 (see image below).

Library staff will NOT ALWAYS see the 2013/2014 lists in their My Lists.  If you are not enrolled in the Bb module you won’t automatically have the latest list in your My Lists. If you don’t have the latest list you should search for it and Add to My Lists.

Old lists have a blue warning notice that it is not the latest list (see below).



Rollover – Blackboard integration and next year’s lists

Thanks to DylanRLO Rollover
RLO lists that previously existed for 2012/2013 have now been copied for 2013/2014.

RLO lists that have been uploaded to Blackboard using the Talis List  Building Block will now point to the published RLO lists for that module for both years.

My Lists in RLO will contain the previous year and the new year lists.

RLO / Bb building block
This will be available by July from the Add Content tab in Blackboard.  At this point you should delete the old Talis List link and upload the new version using Add Content in Bb.  Wherever possible RLO should be added to a Support Resources area of Bb sites.

RLO in new Blackboard sites
Any new sites that are created will contain a Support Resources tab into which the RLO link will be automatically added (if a list exists).  (Most people copy content from existing Bb sites and don’t create sites in this way – but if they do they’ll get the bonus of an automatically added RLO – if they have one).

Bb upgrade
In July Corporate Systems will upgrade to the next version of Blackboard.  This is unlikely to have any impact on RLO.

We hope to be able to report on which Blackboard sites have links to Talis List or RLO links that will need updating when the new building block is out so that we will be able to contact the module leaders directly about this.