Bookmarking in Library Search now separates books from eBooks

Books that come in both print and electronic formats have so far presented a difficulty for RLO, which has offered two ‘Bookmark to RLO’ links on the Details tab of the joint record, with no clue as to which version each refers.

But now when you when you use the Add to my Bookmarks button

RLO displays the versions which are available and you can then select the one you want to use.



Bookmarking from COPAC

The method for bookmarking items from the COPAC catalogue has changed.

To bookmark from COPAC now.

  • First find the item.
  • Then click the Add to my bookmarks link on the toolbar as you do currently.
    As shown on the screenshot below the Bookmark to reading list option appears bottom right of the screen
  • So then click that.

copac4Click to enlarge

You can also bookmark from the search results page in the same way.

Click to enlarge

How are modules added or removed from the hierarchy?

The RLO hierarchy is created from data in SI, the student management system. Modules are only added to the hierarchy if they also have a Blackboard site associated with them.

Updates to the RLO hierarchy are run every Wednesday morning and changes are usually activated that day.

It is possible to search to see if a module has a Blackboard site. Under the My SHU tab go to Support Tools – Courses


and search for the module number in Site ID.


If there is no Blackboard site for a module in SI then a staff member needs to request a site via the site request tool – see How do I request a new Blackboard module or organisation site?

Modules remain in the hierarchy for 4 years although if there are no students enrolled on the module they can be removed earlier – 30 days after the last student enrollment is disabled on a site.

There is a spreadsheet of newly activated modules on the RLO sharepoint . This also includes a sheet for Deleted modules that had a list attached.


Rollover completed successfully

lemur success kid by Jes

Image credit: lemur success kid by Jes CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

RLO was successfully rolled over yesterday, 27 May. So all published lists for 2014/15 have now been copied for 2015/16.

When Blackboard then has its own rollover, the links to lists that have been attached to modules using the Building Block (i.e. the Build Content >Create RLO Resource List option) will automatically be updated to point to the new version.

Ordering deadline for Semester 1 is 31st May

One of the great advantages of publishing your reading lists using Resource Lists Online is that it informs the library about the resources you are recommending to students and we can then make sure that adequate numbers are ordered and made available.

31 by Leo Reynolds via Flickr (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

31 by Leo Reynolds via Flickr (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

But, of course, we need to know in good time so that we get the orders into our suppliers, receive the items, and get them processed and out on the shelves before the module starts running.

For modules running in Semester 1 we really need the orders in by 31st of May if we want to be sure they will be ready in time.

So, once your new lists are ready, click Request Review to let us know.

Whenever you request a review it will trigger a checking process by library staff. Checks will be made for

  • items not in stock – we will order them wherever possible
  • adequate numbers of the item available (include numbers taking the module in the appropriate field and we’ll order more copies if necessary)
  • later editions of items
  • items that require digitising

Build Content for a pain free rollover

RolloverThe rollover of RLO lists will take place in mid-May in preparation for the Blackboard rollover a few days later.

At rollover all published lists for 2014/15 will be copied for 2015/16.

When Blackboard then has its own rollover, the links to lists that have been attached to modules using the Building Block (i.e. the Build Content > Create RLO Resource List option) will automatically be updated to point to the new version.

It is important to note that if you have not used this route to attach your list then the link in your 2015/16 Blackboard module will continue to point to the old 2014/15 version.

It is very easy to link to your RLO lists using the Building Block; the short video below shows exactly how it’s done.

New bookmarklet for RLO

A new bookmarklet has been developed for RLO which will solve the problems with bookmarking from https sites

What does this mean? Whilst the existing bookmarklet will still work, you will need to reinstall the bookmarklet in order to be able to bookmark from https sites. If you use the old bookmarklet you will be prompted that there is a newer version available with instructions on how to upgrade to the newer version.

For a preview of the prompt see this screencast:

Is this the only change? No, the Bookmarklet Installation Tutorial instructions have also been updated to make them relevant to each browser. Each browser now has its own set bookmarkletof instructions.

For a preview of how this looks in Chrome see this screencast: