New feature – Quick add book

rloquickaddRLO has a new feature which makes adding a bookmark to a book very quick and easy.

On the My Bookmarks page, go to Add > Quick add book. This will open a pop-up window where you can search for a book by ISBN, title or author.

It will search for matching items and show if they are available in the library and whether they are already on a reading list online.

When you find the book you want, click on Select and the item will be added to your bookmarks.

Making more of your list

Here is an example of a list in Development and Society where they have used RLO design features to engage with the students.

rloegEducation Policy and Context 0-18 BA (Hons) Childhood Studies

  • The structure mirrors the module design by using week numbers
  • Essential items are identified and individual notes are included on the different resources to explain why they are useful.

You can find out more about developing your list on the RLO guide for academic staff



If you have any questions or problems using RLO, please use the Feedback link to send us the details of your module and we will investigate the problem.rlofeedback

Review process for Information Advisers

If you receive an automatically generated email informing you that you have been assigned as a reviewer for a reading list (with the link to that list) this will have been assigned to you by a member of staff in the Acquisitions team.

View LogLog in and look in the View log section for each title on the list (a the Review button / Review list / View log.)   This shows information discovered by Acquisitions staff.

You can then consider what action you take based on the information in the Review outcome column (eg buy new copies).  Please add these instructions into the View log for each title and Acquisitions will follow this up.

When this task is completed for every item on the list reassign the list to the View historyAcquisitions team member who did the checking which you can find in Review history.

If you have any questions or unsure what to do please contact Julie Wakefield.


This module does not have a resource list




If a module does not have an RLO (eg a dissertation or project module) you can attach a dummy list to improve the accuracy of the RLO statistics reported to your faculty.

If you are responsible for such modules and a link to the dummy list has been made the list will appear in your My Lists.  It will also show all the other module codes the list is attached to and these will be from any Faculty.

You can remove this list from your My Lists by selecting Remove from view from the Select action drop down menu on the right or the Remove from view button above the List titles column.

You can include the list back into your My Lists if you need to make another link to it by searching for This module does not have a resource list in the home page search box.

Dashboard improvements

We are taking part in a beta test of the new dashboard which offers considerable enhancements to the existing features.

Log in to RLO and click the Dashboard.  For each of your lists you will get the option to view the online tutorial but once viewed you can easily click No Thanks.  The tutorial darts around all over the screen showing you the information now available.  You can exit the tutorial at any point.

There are indications of improvements that can be made to your entries and also and indication of new editions that might be available.  If a new edition is available use Request Review of the list to trigger the purchase.  You can also get a preview of how citations will look in a bibliography which will enable you to adjust the format of the metadata (information about the item you will find in the item edit screen).

Talis Aspire have also produced some information about the latest beta release which includes information about the Dashboard.

Bb organisations and RLO lists

Links to RLO lists in Blackboard organisations are not rolled over automatically as they are in module sites.

If you have added a link to a list in a Bb organisation you will have to manually change that link when all rollovers have taken place; Blackboard and RLO are happening within days of each other.

If you are unsure what to do use the Feedback link in RLO to ask us.

What is the deadline for reviews to be requested?

This is a very difficult question to answer much along the lines of how long is a piece of string - Microsoft clipart

Scenario A: Lecturer wants a chapter of a book digitised and adds the details to their RLO; then clicks Request Review.  The Acquisitions team picks up the review request and identifies that a chapter needs digitising. We have the book in stock and the CLA Licence allows digitisation.  The Acquisitions team send the details to the Media Materials and Copyright team who find the book and get the digitisation done.  There are no other items on the list that need attention the digitisation is available for students within 2 weeks of the Request Review.

Scenario B: Lecturer wants a chapter of a book digitised that we do not have in stock.  Same process – they add details to their list and Request Review.  The Acquisitions team identifies we don’t have the item.  If an eBook is available that will be purchased.  If no eBook is available the request will be sent to the Information Adviser who holds the budget for the subject who will place an order for the book.  When it arrives (rights check permitting) the chapter will be digitised and made available through RLO.  This can take considerably longer – even up to 6 weeks for the book to arrive.

Scenario C: Lecturer puts a title on an RLO that we don’t have in stock.  A review is requested.  Acquisitions team identifies we don’t have it.  If it’s available as an eBook it is purchased.  If only available in print the request is forwarded to Information Adviser with budget for purchasing.

These are just 3 examples of digitisation and purchase processes.  Similar procedures apply where journal articles are added to lists and we don’t have them.

Books take different lengths of time to arrive once ordered.  Digitisation of chapters or articles can be done within a day or may take several weeks depending on demand for the service (September / October is the busiest time of the year).  It is therefore impossible to give a commitment about how long it takes between Request Review and an item being available to students.

We realise that academic staff want to manage their lists more dynamically – adding refererences when they want to.  But if material is definitely required  reading for teaching purposes the above timescales should be borne in mind.  While we make every effort to get the lists reviewed and material made available as soon as possible, processes and permissions can sometimes get in the way.

Organisation lists and the RLO hierarchy

Only modules appear in the RLO hierarchy and therefore only lists that relate to modules can be attached in this hierarchy.

Some staff want lists for organisation sites.  If you add a list url to an organisation site it’s a good idea to attach that list to the relevant subject group in the RLO hierarchy.

  • Find the list and from the Edit menu choose Link to Hierarchy.
  • Insert the appropriage subject group code (eg SG-77006 is the code for the English subject group).
  • Save this and then you will see your the list attached to the subject group below the list of modules.

This will help when updating the links to the latest list in Blackboard organisations.