There are many¬†resources available to help the researcher achieve impact from their work. Below is a searchable list of resources available to SHU researchers / research administrators to help you find what you’re looking for.

For a general overview of impact, Enhancing Research Impact from Epigeum is a good place to start. The Fast Track Impact website is another great place to find information and resources.

If you’re looking for help with a more specific area of impact, use the search box (below right) to find the relevant support.

This is not an exhaustive list of all impact resources. All support listed here has been vetted in some way (approved by the impact team at SHU, recommended by colleagues, etc.) If you have come across a good resource, please let us know and we will include it in the list below.

ResourceShort descriptionDelivererMethod of deliveryWho for? More informationLink to resource
Introduction to Altmetric ExplorerAn overview of what Altmetrics are and how to use the Altmetric Explorer tool to help track impact.Altmetric.comPDF presentationAll researchers wanting to learn more about different ways to track impact.For advice on how Altmetrics can help track impact visit the Library Research Support Team's web pages Library Research SupportAn introduction to Altmetric
REF2014 Impact Case Study databaseA searchable database of every impact case study submitted to REF2014REFOnline (webpages)Those who are likely to submit an impact case study to the next REF.For advice on how to use the database, see Impact for the REFLink to REF2014 ICS database
SHU's REF2014 impact case studiesA list of each of the impact case studies SHU submitted to REF2014Sheffield Hallam UniversityOnline (webpages)Useful to all SHU researchersLink to SHU webpages
Enhancing Research Impact (Epigeum)A comprehensive overview of research impact, providing practical support and guidance.Epigeum
Online training course (via Blackboard)'Academics looking to demonstrate the impact of their research beyond academia'.
A good overview for all staff working in research.
Information, guidance, toolkits, all designed for the researcher.Link to more information
Fast Track Impact: Training by researchers for researchersA wealth of information and resources for research impact.Fast Track Impact (company) led by Professor Mark Reed (Newcastle University)Online resources and training All researchers.Prof Reed is highly regarded within research impact and provides many useful resources for free.Fast Track Impact website
LSE Impact blogBlog articles on research impact (wide authorship, not just LSE)London School of Economics and Political Science Online (blog), subscribe for email alertsIn general, those who want to keep up to date with current thinking on impact. But some good articles giving practical advice on specific topics too.Not all articles will be of relevance / interest to all. Use the search facility to look for articles on specific topics, e.g. impact evidenceLink to LSE Impact Blog
Research Impact at the UK Parliament "Everything you need to know to engage with Parliament as a researcher"UK ParliamentOnline (webpage)Those wanting to work with UK Parliament to influence policy, including submitting evidence to committeesAdvice on how to engage with Parliament, examples of researchers who have done so, etc. Link to UK Parliament website
NCCPE How to... evaluate public engagement projects and programmesGuidance on how to evaluate engagement with your researchNational Coordinating Centre for Public Engagement (NCCPE)PDFThose who are looking to evaluate their engagement (and the resulting impact)The NCCPE's definition of public engagement may be broader than you expect - this guide is useful for evaluating any engagement with your researchNCCPE guide to evaluating public engagement
Examples of impacts and indicatorsA list of impact areas and types, and what indicators you might use to evidence reach and significance.Research England (REF2021 team)PDFAny researcher looking for examples of impact and how to evidence benefit. This table appeared in the REF2021 guidance as 'Annex A'. It is a very useful document to help frame impact, or to prompt thinking about different types of impact and how they might relate to research.Impact and indicators examples table (annex A)
SHU Twitter toolkitTwitter basics... and beyond: tools to tweet effectivelySHU communications team PDFThose who want to understand the various functions available on TwitterThis explores Twitter's functionality - for guidance on how to use Twitter as a research tool, search for 'Online Impact' in the search box aboveSHU Twitter toolkit
National Coordinating Centre for Public EngagementPlenty of useful information and guides about engaging with various 'publics'National Coordinating Centre for Public Engagement (NCCPE)Online (webpages)Useful to all researchers - engagement is a key pathway to impactThe NCCPE's definition of public engagement may be broader than you expect - the information here is useful for evaluating any engagement with your researchLink to NCCPE website
4* REF impact case studiesA list of each of the 4* REF2014 impact case studies, by unit of assessmentStephen Kemp, Impact ConsultantOnline (webpages)Those who are likely to submit an impact case study to the next REF.Link to Stephen Kemp's blog
UK Parliament - Get involved Advice on how to influence policy makers in the UK ParliamentUK ParliamentTraining eventsThose wanting to work with UK Parliament to influence policy, including submitting evidence to committeesTraining events are run specifically for academic researchers Link to UK Parliament website
REF2021 Guidance for impact case studies (SHU doc)The impact sections of the Research England guidance for REF2021 compiled into one documentResearch England (compiled by SHU Research Impact)PDF Impact case study authors for REF2021The full Research England REF2021 guidance documents are available on the Impact for the REF page.REF2021 guidance documents for impact case studies
Guidance on testimonials and statements to corroborate impactPractical guidance on what testimonials should say and how to ask for themStephen Kemp, Impact ConsultantOnline (webpage)Those who are likely to submit an impact case study to the next REF.This was written before the REF2021 draft guidance was released. Other guidance available from Fast Track Impact (use search facility, above right)Link to Stephen Kemp's blog
What makes a 4* impact case study for REF2021?Lessons learned from reviewing REF2014 ICSs, and developing ICSs for 2021Fast Track ImpactOnline (webpage)All academics looking to submit an impact case study to REF2021A useful summary of what to bear in mind when preparing and writing an ICS for REF2021. [Please ignore information about continued case studies - this was written before the REF2021 guidance was issued.]Fast Track Impact website
Write an impact case study (Epigeum sub-section)Advice and guidance on how to write an impact case study (based on REF2014 template)EpigeumOnline training sub-section (via Blackboard)Those with well-developed impact who are ready to write a case studyCourse 4, Module 1, Write an impact case study sub-sectionLink to more information
Evidencing impact: Capturing change (Epigeum module)Useful exercises and activities to understand how to evidence impactEpigeumOnline training module (via Blackboard)Useful to all! Evidencing impact is key, otherwise how can you prove it? Course 2, Module 3, 'Evidencing impact: Capturing change.' This is a useful introduction to evidencing impact. For an evaluation tool, see NCCPE's 'How to... evaluate public engagement projects and programmes' Link to more information
Types of stakeholder (Epigeum sub-section)Useful exercises and activities to understand different types of stakeholdersEpigeumOnline training sub-section (via Blackboard)Those wanting to understand more about stakeholdersCourse 2, Module 1, 'Types of stakeholder' sub-section. Link to more information
Setting your impact goals (Epigeum course activity)A short activity which helps identify potential impact for a research projectEpigeumOnline training activity (via Blackboard)Researchers wanting help in clarifying their impact goalsCourse 2, Module 1, 'Setting your impact goals' sub-sectionLink to more information
Funding for impact (Epigeum module)Useful exercises and activities to help plan a pathway to impact statement for a grant submissionEpigeumOnline training module (via Blackboard)Researchers writing a grant submission which requires a pathway to impact statementCourse 2, Module 2, 'Funding for impact'Link to more information
Pathways to Impact (Fast Track Impact)A guide to writing a pathway to impact, plus a database of best practice examples Fast Track ImpactOnline (webpage)Researchers writing grant proposalsFast Track Impact - Pathways to impact
Online Impact (Fast Track Impact Newsletter spring/summer 2017)A practical guide to online impact.Fast Track ImpactOnline (webpage)Useful to all - novice and more experienced alike.Provides an impact context to using social media and other online platforms, acknowledging the pitfalls as well as the benefits of an online presence.Fast Track Impact Newsletter (spring/summer 2017) Online Impact
Collecting research impact evidence: Best practice guidance for the research communityGuidance on the collection, management and use of sources of impact evidence.Vertigo Ventures and Digital Science, commissioned by HEFCE PDFThose who are collecting evidence for REF impact case studies, or other impact evaluation. Published June 2016. Best practice guidance section starts at p.18. Collecting Research Impact Evidence (VV)
Evidence for Success: The guide to getting evidence and using itA guide to influencing policy and decision-makers.Knowledge Translation Network (KTN), ScotlandPDFAnyone wanting to influence policy or decision-makers.This guide is written for the third sector (in Scotland), but is a useful resource for researchers.
KTN Influencing policy - evidence for success
2 year plan template (SHU)A template to help prioritise actions in run up to REF2021 submission SHU Research ImpactWord document (template)Impact case study authors for REF2021, any researcher looking to develop an impact case studyUse with Impact assessment template (to identify gaps) SHU Research Impact - 2 year plan
Impact assessment template (SHU)A template to help assess current state of impact case study and identify gaps SHU Research ImpactWord document (template)Impact case study authors for REF2021, any researcher looking to develop an impact case studyUse with 2 year plan template (to list actions in the run up to REF2021 submission)SHU Research Impact - assessment template
REF ICS Structure and Content Guidance (SHU blue doc)An exercise to explore different areas/types of impact and determine case study structure.SHU Research ImpactWord document (template)Impact case study authors for REF2021This exercise will help ICS authors to check that they have thought about all possible areas of impact to use in their case studies, and help develop a structure for the Details of the Impact (B4 section) of the REF2021 ICS template.ICS Structure and Content Guidance
REF ICS Drafting Guidance (SHU red doc)An annotated version of the REF2021 ICS template.SHU Research ImpactPDF Impact case study authors for REF2021This document clarifies what information goes where in the REF2021 ICS template. ICS Drafting Guidance