Recordings from the Impact Support Programme

Below you will find recordings from previous workshops, webinars and/or presentations from the Impact Support Programme. These are only available to Sheffield Hallam University staff.

DateTitleDelivered byDescriptionLink
26 April 2022Altmetric Explorer for researchersMichelle Herbert, Engagement Manager for AltmetricHow can you find out who is talking about your work on social media? Or if journalists have referenced it in an article? Or whether it has been cited in policy documents?

This webinar is an introduction to Altmetric Explorer, a programme that enables you to monitor the online activity which refers to academic research.
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9 March 2022Embedding impact into research practice Sarah Geere, 4 Star Impact

Sarah is an Impact Consultant with 10 years' experience of advising on research impact.
This webinar explains how a researcher can plan for and embed impact activities into daily practice. You will learn how to:
- establish your impact objectives
- map your stakeholders/beneficiaries
- plan for impact activities
- evaluate/evidence your impact.
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21 February 2022Impact-driven researchIan Rotherham, Emeritus Professor at the AWRCThis is the final in the Health Research Institute impact seminar series.

Ian focuses on impact-driven research – that is, research which emerges as a result of asking ‘what impact do I want to have – and how can that inform my research?’ He covers a wider definition of impact than the quite specific REF definition – which includes academic impact and academic activism.
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17 January 2022Becoming an impactful researcher Dr Punita Chowbey, Research Fellow in the Department of Social Work and Social Care and Community Studies. This was the fourth in the Health Research Institute impact seminar series.

Punita talks about her experience of becoming an impactful researcher, and what she has learnt along the way. Her presentation provides valuable lessons on embedding impact into her research at an early stage and how she has engaged with local, national and international media.
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6 December 2021Stakeholder engagementDr Sarah K Smith, Research Fellow in the Department of Nursing & MidwiferyThis was the third in the Health Research Institute impact seminar series.

Sarah's research is in dementia. She speaks about her experience working with stakeholders and how critical it is to engage in a way that is relevant and accessible to each stakeholder group.
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22 November 2021An impact case study journeyGirish Ramchandani, Associate Professor of Sport ManagementThis was the second in the Health Research Institute impact seminar series.

Girish talks about his experience as lead author of a REF2021 impact case study. He explains what is involved in preparing a case study and lessons learnt along the way that are valuable to all researchers.
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11 October 2021Impact in a nutshell: Introduction and key themesDr Keith Fildes, Research Development ManagerThis was the first in the Health Research Institute impact seminar series.

The webinar gives an overview of research impact, introducing key themes:
- Planning for impact
- Working in an impactful way
- Evaluating impact.
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