About these webpages

Impact is now an established part of the research process. These webpages are designed to help the Hallam researcher and research administrator to develop knowledge and skills in order to work in an impactful way. The information provided here is for all, whether you are brand new to research impact or a seasoned 4* REF impact case study lead.

The Impact Support Programme lists scheduled events, workshops, training and seminars which develop knowledge and/or skills relating to research impact. We also have recordings of online events, available here.

The resources page is a searchable list of guidance, toolkits, online training, etc. which you can access in your own time and to address your own specific needs.

For those new to research impact, or those who would benefit from refreshing their knowledge, What is research impact anyway? is a good place to start.

These webpages are continuously being developed and content will be added, updated and refined.