External Examiners

External Examiners have an essential role to play in the assurance of quality and standards within UK Higher Education. They are employed by the University principally to ensure that:

♦ the academic standards set for an award are appropriate for the qualification
♦ the academic standards of student performance are comparable with similar programmes or subjects in other UK institutions with which they are familiar
♦ the processes for assessment, examination and the determination of awards are sound and have been fairly conducted, in line with University regulations, policies and procedures

External Examiners are also expected to provide feedback and comment on good practice observed and to suggest actions to enhance the quality of the learning opportunities provided to students.

Appointment, Induction and Management of External Examiners                                                                      Academic Quality and Standards (AQS) is responsible for the oversight and management of the University’s pool of External Examiners. AQS also manages the External Examiner annual reporting process and retains records of all External Examiner appointments. Academic teams are responsible for ongoing engagement and dialogue with External Examiners, particularly in relation to Examiners’ oversight of the assessment and moderation processes for individual courses and modules. Academic Administration has responsibility for the management and operation of Assessment Boards and ensures appropriate input from External Examiners.  The management of External Examiners and the associated processes follow an annual cycle. Processes relating to the engagement and management of External Examiners are detailed in Section 6 of the Quality Manual, which can be accessed via the links below.

Process  Description
Quality Manual Section 6 – External Examiners
Quality Manual Section 6 – External Examiners – Annex 1 – Roles and Responsibilities