Guidelines for Posts

The Professional Computing Projects module consists of three assessment elements (“tasks”).

1. Professional Experience preparation.  CV,  Standard Application form, psychometric test. (Upload to Blackboard.) 10%
2. Web-based Info System  WordPress site for external client. (Create on homepages. Also upload to client service provider) 80%
3a. Technical Reports  Social / Legal / Ethical / Professional aspects of your project. (Upload to Blackboard Assignments) 5%
3b. Technical Reports Individual 2-page papers.   Upload to this WordPress blogs site. 5%


You can upload as many Technical Reports as you wish, whenever you wish up to [DATE – In April 2018].

Technical Reports should be approx two pages of A4 (a little hard to tell length if in web page format on this site), plus images/diagrams etc.

You can submit as many Reports as you wish.  Your best two will be counted towards the marks.

You will not get marks for posts that discuss topics already covered by others, unless your post is a significant improvement, or covers the topic from a different angle (i.e. if you do technical work on a topic worthy of a post,  submit a post early in case someone else posts on that topic before you.)  You may, however, update your own posts.  You may also comment on others’ posts, if this provides informative additional insights into, or corrections about, the topic.

Use the   “+ New” facility in the menu header above (it appears only when you are logged in) to create new posts.

The criteria for marking is simple:  “how informative/useful is this post for other people on this module towards skills/techniques for their project?”.   Tutors will review posts monthly, and give informal feedback.  Actual marking will take place after the April deadline,  when “usefulness to others” is clearer to assess. Marking is likely to be on a scale through the class, from 5 = “Most informative posts” through to 1 = “least informative”.  If you fail to post you will get zero in the task, and referred in the module.

Please be aware that the whole world can see your posts (but they cannot edit or comment).  This is deliberate.  It is to allow you to make contributions that you can then discuss with potential employers to show your credibility in this domain.

Upload your posts simply by creating a new Post.