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Raise awareness of SHU-led initiatives

Faculty of Health and Wellbeing (HWB)

Academy of Sport and Physical Activity (ASPA)

The aim of this project was to expose all staff to SHU initiatives including the Race Equality Charter and the central repository of degree awarding gap projects. An update will be given to academy leadership team and all staff meetings in 2019.

For further information contact the project lead Amanda West, a.j.west@shu.ac.uk

Status: completed

Addressing Inclusivity, Equality and Diversity in Curricular Practice

Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH)

Department of Psychology, Sociology and Politics (PSP)

The project had four main strands:

1.cultural/diversity critical awareness and reflection for staff (delivered through pilot workshops);
2. decolonising pedagogical practice (through upcoming curriculum review of reading lists, teaching methods etc);
3.review of marketing materials and practices (to increase BME recruitment; centre a commitment to equality;
4. inclusiveness and representation); placement experiences (review of practice guidelines and student feedback forms).

The project raised staff awareness of issues facing BME students. It has highlighted how staff need to review and, where necessary, revise their approach to the curriculum in the interests of making it more inclusive and to capture diverse voices. The Department has made a commitment to a thorough critical review of practice over the medium to long term.

It is hoped that the approach to curriculum development work in PSP will be transferable. Although the content of the curricula differs across subject groups, it should still be possible to identify the process, approach and key questions raised in reviewing curricula.

For further information contact the project lead Dr Anjana Raghavan, a.raghavan@shu.ac.uk

Status: ongoing

Staff Awareness Raising and Enhanced Student Support

Sheffield Business School (SBS)

Department of Service Sector Management

This project focused on raising staff awareness of Hallam’s BME degree awarding gap, its implications for Department of Service Sector Management and the need to act upon the more recent data. The project set out to:

  • Raise staff awareness of attainment gap issues (including aspects of the wider BME student experience).
  • Measures to identify ‘academically at risk’ BME students and target support to them.

Objectives are currently in the process of being reviewed.

There may be scope for a departmental cross-group working party to develop the attainment gap agenda.

For further information contact the project lead Philip Goulding, p.goulding@shu.ac.uk

Status: completed

Staff understanding of Public Sector Equality Duty

Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities

Department of Law and Criminology (DLC)

This project was built around a training session for all DLC staff. Within the design of the project, materials and resources were designed and circulated for the department to feedback on. The aim of the training session was to increase the awareness of staff on the issue that their teaching materials and assessments could be aligned in order to ensure that the Department helped the University meet the PSED. Unfortunately the training session did not go ahead due to difficulties with scheduling however the resources that were produced appear to have been useful.

The Law & Criminology session has potential to facilitate staff knowledge and insights into the PSED and the workshop could readily be rolled out to other departments within the faculty of Social Sciences & Humanities and other faculties.

The session is scalable to a large cohort, and could be run cross-departmentally etc.

For further information contact the project lead Jamie Grace, j.grace@shu.ac.uk

Status: ongoing

Inclusive Student Engagement

Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH)

Department of Humanities

This project aimed to improve all students’ attainment and compare student-staff views on what works to promote good attainment. It then looked to compare Humanities lecturers’ and students’ perceptions of student engagement; identify barriers to engagement, with particular attention to BAME students.

The project initially identified disparities between staff and students’ perceptions of what types of engagement achieves good results in HE. Barriers to engagement were also identified which may provide an understanding for the discrepancies between staff and student perceptions. From this, BAME-specific barriers to engagement in Humanities could be identified which related to other issues reported by students on attention to diversity, student awareness of diversity and group dynamics around inclusivity.

The final outcome is still pending. Students suggestions for reducing barriers were collated.

The initiative has the potential to be both replicated and scaled up across the university. The project can be replicated on a larger scale for upcoming Level 4 students as a way to raise awareness on academic citizenship. It will also be scalable across the faculty or university, particularly as the UK Engagement Survey takes place annually and longitudinal evaluation of impact may be possible.

For further information contact the project lead Ana Maria Sanchez-Arce a.m.sanchez-arce@shu.ac.uk

Status: completed

Road map to Change Event

Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH)

Department of Education, Childhood and Inclusion (DECI)

On Stephen Lawrence day (22nd April), the department held the Road map to Change Event. All undergraduate courses across the department reflected on their current attainment gap and the impact of projects and work on closing the gap. This was done with staff across the department. The aim was to keep the issue of the performance gap under close scrutiny and hold us all to account for closing the gap, while building racial literacy across the staffing group.

The event was successfully delivered on 22 April 2019, and Sehrish Tahir (Graduate Intern) has completed a guidance document for staff in the department using the materials from the day and further research which will support the development of racial literacy of staff going forward. The document can be found here.

For further information contact the project lead Iain Garner i.garner@shu.ac.uk

Status: completed

Staff awareness raising campaign

Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH)

Department of Education, Childhood and Inclusion (DECI)

Prompted by a series of awareness raising activities, Sheffield Institute of Education (SIoE) staff were supported to draw on their education research background to identify improvements that can be made to close the BAME attainment gap on their courses. Whilst each course now has at least one BAME-related action on their course improvement plan (CIP) annually, a survey in March 2018 showed that course leaders were yet to be using CIPs to record their actions relating to the BAME attainment gap. Using this as a baseline, an annual survey will be conducted, and the results compared to March 2018 (and correlated with the attainment gap). The articulation of actions using CIPs is replicable across all courses. The initiatives identified in the CIPs provide an accessible means to communicate innovations.

For further information contact the project lead John Wrigglesworth j.wrigglesworth@shu.ac.uk

Status: completed

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