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Mentoring BAME students

Sheffield Business School (SBS)

Department of Service Sector Management

This Hallam Guild project aims to facilitate regular student group meetings to discuss and explore issues such as culture, faith, academic, social, physical and emotional wellbeing. This project created a supportive forum where both students and staff are able to talk about ongoing issues and barriers of lower number of Higher Education applications and completion which contribute to the attainment gap. The estimated completion date for this project is 31st July 2019.

For further information contact the project lead Jacqui McKoy-Lewens, j.mckoy-lewens@shu.ac.uk and Jaffer Idris, j.idris@shu.ac.uk

Status: completed

Supporting BAME student teachers through enhanced placement allocation and mentoring support

Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH)

Department of Teacher Education (TEd)

Through a combination of mentoring and tailored placement allocation/advice, the project aimed to encourage reduce the time taken to complete placements and/or interrupt or withdraw from their placements. This was done through the implementation of two interventions: a mentoring scheme and a placement allocation and selection. The project outcomes have resulted in the department’s Placement Policy being updated. A number of changes have been made in order to better support BAME students whilst on placement, e.g. early visits, rapid evaluations. In addition to this, a BAME mentoring scheme for BA teacher educations routes has been implemented from September 2018.

Placement policy changes are replicable and compliant with the new general equality duty which was introduced in April 2011.

For further information contact the project lead David Owen, d.h.owen@shu.ac.uk

Status: ongoing

Developing and delivering mentoring and buddy systems for BAME students

Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH)

Department of Law and Criminology (DLC)

This student-led project aims to encourage a sense of belonging and self-belief in BAME students. A range of BAME mentors who work within the social/criminal justice or law area to the university have agreed to mentor Level 5 and 6 students. Students receive up to five meetings per year, whether that be face-to-face or virtual. From this, Level 5 and 6 students were also asked to be ‘buddies’ (mentors) for Level 4 students. During the inspirational week the department held a buddy event that aimed to establish buddies for Level 4 students. The mentor event in June 2018 and led by Jordan Hall was very productive and resulted in a number of decisions being made for academic year 2018/19. Case studies are currently being developed.

If this approach is shown to work, there are good grounds to roll out the intervention more widely. It should be relatively straightforward for other subject groups, departments and faculties to roll out this initiative, subject to exploration of reasons for potentially low levels of student engagement and how to tackle this.

For further information contact Tanya Miles-Berry, t.miles-berry@shu.ac.uk

Status: completed

Enhancing sense of students belonging

Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH)

Department of Law and Criminology (DLC)

The aim of this project is to overcome barriers in relation to students experiencing a sense of ‘belonging’ at university, via a programme of activities including: Bespoke ‘meet and greet’/networking event for all students who identify as BAME; recruitment session for ambassadors/reps/buddies/ mentors to embed and enhance BAME student voice; monthly events/talks showcasing success run in collaboration with the Student Union; improved links with city events and student union events to better communicate activities. The project has led to a number of resources and events being put into place including an interactive map of outlets within Sheffield for BAME students e.g. places of worship, halal restaurants & African-Caribbean barbers/hairdressers; pre-enrolment blogs including screencasts by HOD from BAME background; more detailed induction packs including information on how they aim to reduce the gap; improving Academic Advisors allocations; morale boosting talks by current/past SHU BAME students, staff or professionals in induction week; and an Inspirational Week held in the first week of November 2018, including input from BAME roles models.

The interactive map along with better coordinated links with the Students Union is something that is transferable across the university. Depending on whether or not the feedback is positive the programme could be a model for any area/department to develop their own offer.

For further information contact the project lead Farrah Ali


Status: ongoing

BAME mentoring programme for Architectural Technology degree

Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities: Department of the Natural and Built Environment

The aim of this intervention was to support BAME students’ attainment through the introduction of an opt-in mentoring scheme where BAME students would be allocated professional mentors working in practice. Mentors were identified and offered to both level 4 and 5 students. The idea was that by matching students with external mentors it would help level 4 students transition into university and further support level 5 students to develop professional competencies/attitudes and focus on career development, as well as improving retention and attainment across the levels.

This project is highly replicable. The offer for the BAME mentoring could be implemented across different departments and faculties. Each department has the potential to adapt the project to better suit their own departmental needs/targets.

For further information contact the project lead Frances Robertson, f.j.robertson@shu.ac.uk


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