If you are new to the notion of the attainment gap by ethnicity, a good place to start is with the report: ‘The Ethnicity Attainment Gap: Literature Review’. 

It provides a comprehensive overview of the key areas of research concerning differential degree attainment for BME students. It explores some of the key issues that students from BME backgrounds face in Higher Education and looks at ongoing work from other Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) to address these issues and to narrow the attainment gap.

UUK/NUS report: Black, Asian and minority ethnic student attainment at UK universities: #ClosingtheGap

Universities UK (UUK) and the National Union of Students (NUS) released a report in May 2019 outlining five steps that universities can follow to narrow the gaps in degree awarding for BAME students: Black, Asian and minority ethnic student attainment at UK universities: #ClosingtheGap

A UUK blog summarising the report can be found here.  Sheffield Hallam University had several members of staff involved in the project; Professor Sir Chris Husbands, Vice Chancellor at Sheffield Hallam University, was a member of the vice-chancellors’ working group that provided feedback and a strategic view for the project, and Professor Jacqueline Stevenson and Aloma Onyemah provided contributions and guidance.

EHRC report on racial harrassment in British universities

The Equality and Human Rights Commission [EHRC] has published a report on racial harassment in British universities. This is the first significant study of the issue across the sector and makes it plain that racial harassment is all too often a fact of life for minority staff and students.  It concludes that universities have not been sufficiently equipped to recognise and respond to racial harassment, are unaware of the scale of the issue and have been overconfident in their ability to handle it. It is, in short, a damning report.

Sheffield Hallam University is committed to advancing race equality and creating a racially inclusive culture for everyone who works and studies here.  Participation in the EHRC survey was voluntary, and this University participated in the survey willingly.  But, like other universities across the sector, we have a good deal of work to do.

Anti-racist resources can be found here, as curated by Sehrish Tahir for Department of Education, Childhood and Inclusion.

(Reports and papers which have been published since 2016 or are not in this literature review are listed below.) We will continue to add to this so if you have any recommendations please email us.

Other reports and papers

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