BAME students are not a homogenous group (see language and terminology) and while it is useful to look at commonalities within all BME students, it is also sometimes necessary to analyse data by relevant sub-groups. This may mean undertaking analysis which aggregates sub-groups over a number of years.


We suggest developing both ‘inclusive’ and ‘targeted/exclusive’ initiatives. For further information on undertaking targeted interventions please see the recent report from the Office for Students.

There is significant overlap between BAME students and students from widening participation backgrounds, suggesting that any future initiatives to address differential attainment should be mindful of both groups.

There are ethical concerns about what, when, and whether to tell students about the attainment gap, bearing in mind there is a risk of students internalising the issue and performing less well as a result.

This topic briefing by the Office for Students lists a number of approaches adopted across the sector as well as questions to consider when developing initiatives.

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For help on evaluating an initiative please read our guidance or see the Webinar Enhancement Series.

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Professor Jacqueline Stevenson talks below about what we are asking students to do:


Professor Jacqueline Stevenson also talks about what we are asking staff to do: