We have outstanding outcomes and practice in all academic areas of Sheffield Hallam University.  Our interest is how we can unlock such excellence to ensure that all our students have a consistently exceptional experience.

The first phase of this programme of work is working closely with departments to more fully understand the opportunities and barriers in our processes and procedures.  Led by the Heads of these departments with the Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Student Experience ‘Keys to Success’ is based on a collaborative joint-endeavour model that includes identifying areas for development and action planning.

The aims of Keys to Success are

  • To study and improve metrics in departments
  • To work cross collaboratively
  • To work differently together
  • To create better understanding across the institution
  • To consider barriers, problems, issues and build an action plan
  • To generate short term actions
  • To build quality long term

Keys to Success acknowledges there is no one activity that will address all opportunities and barriers across all departments.  By exploring, collegially and mutually, with the head of each department and relevant colleagues, we can work together to make improvements that will be most effective.  The starting point considers relevant metrics and student data to develop a gap analysis and assess where support is required leading to the creation of a bespoke action plan.