The ACHIEVE Impact and Evaluation Advisory group has expertise on methods of evaluation used in the HE sector.

The group takes a comprehensive view of the impact evaluation strategies being implemented in the ACHIEVE programme.  It supports the understanding of impact on all aspects of the student experience alongside interpreting what the outcomes mean for institutional development.  The group will ensure evaluations adhere to ethical research standards and have taken equality and diversity into account.

Group aims

Thinking and enrichment to develop thinking and enrich frames for research and evaluation of activities related to retention, employability and differential outcomes
Intellectual rigour to provide an intellectually rigorous approach to reporting on impact evaluation
Meta-analysis to provide an overview, and an institutional meta-analysis of the outcomes from the sub-groups and project activities
Translating outcomes and findings to carry out a job of ‘translation’, making sense of the outcomes and findings for the broader university community
Affective impact to not lose sight of the ‘affective’ dimension of impact
Unintended consequences to ensure there is a mechanism for evaluating the unintended consequences of interventions
Evaluation mind-set to support the institutional development of an evaluative mind-set