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It is well known that there is an unexplained difference between the outcomes for UK domiciled white students and UK domiciled students from BME backgrounds. Currently, Hallam staff and students are engaged in a range of activities to close the degree awarding gap which continues to be above sector average at our institution.

We host a series of online workshops which are a call to action as they create a space to have conversations about race and changing cultures which NUS/UUK report identifies as one of the five key steps to closing the gap. Drawing on a range of sources including existing literature, sector practice and work currently being undertaken at Hallam, we aim to engage staff in interactive, reflective practices which will provide a foundation for developing an inclusive and dynamic teaching and learning environment.

All academic opportunities to attend development, events and activities including access to online tutorials are hosted on Academic Essentials: Events section

  1. Equity Accomplices Programme 2021/22
  2. Race Equity Programme – Semester 2 2021
  3. Race Equity Programme – Autumn 2020
  4. Race Equity Programme – past events, resources and reports


Equity Accomplices Programme 2021/22

A  simple way of starting the conversation about race equity and inclusion is through the production of a suite of workshops titled ‘Equity Accomplice’, which supports staff and external stakeholders in developing their awareness of race equity to enhance outcomes for minoritised students. Visit the Academic Development & Diversity website for more details.

Race Equity Programme – Semester 2 2021

Visit the Academic Development and Events page for a host of alternative development events based on a range of Inclusive Pedagogy and Practice themes. 

Inclusive Hallam

“Let’s Get Comfortable Talking About Race – Understanding White Privilege and Microaggressions” 

If you weren’t able to attend, look out for the event recording which will be made available through We Are Hallam shortly. Missed the two previous Let’s Get Comfortable Talking About Race sessions? You can access the recordings below:

  1. Let’s Get Comfortable Talking About Race (July 2020)
  2. Inclusive Leadership (January 2021)

A huge thank you to Kul Mahay for guiding us through these complex topics. You can follow Kul on Twitter @kulmahay

Take a look at our video where Kevin Kerrigan, PVC for Business & Enterprise, and ULT Equality & Diversity Champion for Race, talks about his realisation that white privilege has shielded him from the harsh realities faced by racially minoritised people.

The Academic Development & Diversity team has developed an asynchronous resource to support colleagues to explore this topic in more detail. ‘Micro? Aggressions – recognise, reflect, resist’ is an hour long interactive online session, seeking to identify and raise awareness of the nature and impact of microaggressions and micro-inequities in their various guises. The session proposes two ‘acts of resistance’ that can frame our responses to actions which foster change. 

If you would like to talk more about the topics raised in this Inclusive Hallam session, or explore how you might embed and explore these conversations in your own delivery, just email ! Academic Development & Diversity

Race Equity Programme – Autumn 2020

Thank you to everyone who attended the Autumn 2020 programme. Please visit the Race Equity Activity Library page for information on Race Equity practice.  If you have any queries about these, please contact the team


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