Cross-University Forum: Narrowing the BAME Degree Awarding Gap

At the beginning of the academic year 2019/20, a cross-university forum was set up for those responsible for activity to eradicate the BME degree awarding gap across the institution. Chaired by Alison Metcalfe, one of the key aims of the group is to operationalise the five year Race Equity Corporate Action Plan (RECAP) and ensure that discussion leads to action. Each faculty also has a forum to co-ordinate activity at department level, which will feed into this wider group. The group meets monthly to share development activities as well as updating members on progress.

Terms of reference (July 2020)


  1. All members responsible for dissemination decisions and discussion made at the group, through relevant forums within Faculties and directorates
  2. All members have responsibility to bring relevant intelligence from within and outside University
  3. Collective accountability is held for relevant elements of the Race Equity action plan
  4. Reporting will be to Shaping Futures Pillar Board


The purpose of the forum is to:

  1. Identify and prioritise mandatory University wide interventions/activity
  2. Identify and share examples of good practice from within the University and across the sector
  3. Oversee the implementation of key elements of the corporate race equity action plan
  4. Ensure robust evaluation of new interventions/activities takes place to inform decisions about scaling up across the University
  5. Scale up the implementation of good practice interventions across the University
  6. Build and develop capacity among the staff and student community around racial literacy and cultural competence
  7. Develop sensitive performance indicators to monitor the University’s progress in the degree awarding gap
  8. Act as champions individually and collectively in raising awareness of the degree awarding gap and promoting examples of good practice

Group membership

Name & Job Title Role
Alison Metcalfe

Pro-Vice Chancellor (Teaching and Learning)

Lindy-Ann Blaize Alfred

Senior Lecturer (Academic Development & Diversity)

Elaine Buckley 

Director of Academic Development & Diversity 

SRO – BAME Degree Awarding Gap
Rebecca Malone

Planning and Operations Manager (Academic Development & Diversity)

Emma Heron

Head of Teaching & Learning Enhancement (SSA)

SSA Forum Lead – BAME Degree Awarding Gap
Melanie Lindley

Head of Teaching & Learning Enhancement (HW&LS)

HW&LS Forum Lead – BAME Degree Awarding Gap
Lucian Tipi

Head of Teaching & Learning Enhancement (BT&E)

BT&E Forum Lead – BAME Degree Awarding Gap
Julie Brunton

Associate Dean Teaching & Learning (Health, Wellbeing and Lifesciences)




Rebecca Hodgson

Associate Dean Teaching & Learning (Social Sciences and the Arts)


Vicky Meadows

HROD Manager

Jayne Taylor

Head of Student Recruitment & Widening Participation

Temi Labinjo

Students Union BME Representative

Claire Gandy

Director of Student Support Services

Krassie Teneva

Head of International Experience

Helena Roulston

Multi-faith Chaplain

Doug Cleaver

Director of Doctoral School

James Berry

Head of Data Visualisation

Melissa Jacobi

Academic Director (Academic Advising)

Alan Donnelly

Researcher – SETL

Andrew Adegbola

President – Hallam SU

Jane Anslow

Director of Policy and Involvement – Hallam SU

Maxine Greaves



Meeting arrangements

  1. The Narrowing the BAME Degree Awarding Gap Cross-University Forum will be in operation indefinitely. The group will monthly but reviewed regularly
  2. The format will be a combination of intelligence sharing, reviewing progress and developmental workshops
  3. Non-members will be invited to bring alternative insights and expertise when required

Sub groups

Task-and-finish groups may be established as and when required.


The group will reflect on the effectiveness of each meeting and undertake and an annual review of impact.