Taste-space sessions

The call for submissions is now closed.

Taste-space sessions will hopefully provide delegates the opportunity to experience a brief taster session of a disciplinary teaching environment.  They will be informal but structured opportunities for you to engage with a specialist teaching environment or subject-specific method.

Taste-space sessions will be in the form of a Campus Tour, showcasing the varied learning spaces used at SHU and how they are deployed by different disciplines.  Taste-Space sessions are currently being organised and further details of each session will be available here

Virtual sessions may be included (such as simulated environments; online spaces; remote locations).

These micro-teach sessions may include, for example, one or more of the following:

  • Activities which you do with students which you know work well and engage them
  • Adaptations of an activity to suit non-specialised participants
  • Demonstration of a piece of equipment and examples of how it is used in teaching
  • Examples of work produced by students using the equipment/space
  • Methods which help work-based learners to explore their industry experiences through heightened self-awareness and the application of theory, or principles.

Sessions may be offered by individuals or by groups from course or departmental representatives. Please note that the tour is a central element of the conference and in order to make it available to all participants, sessions will need to run several times with different delegate groups.

Review Criteria

Submissions were peer reviewed according to the following criteria:

  • Explanation of the space, its features and how it is used for teaching and learning.
  • How does the method transform an educational place into a disciplinary space?
  • The extent to which the student learning experience is modelled/mirrored for delegates in the session.
  • Demonstrates how and why it is of interest and benefit to the intended audience.