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287 – Development of student voice in assessed student writing: a shared exploration with partner colleges – Format CoLab featuring 3 presentations and a discussion – Peter Gledhill, Brenda Desmond

The presentations will explore and reflect on 3 practical ways of supporting student writing development; use of exemplars in modelling discourse, embedding micro writing activities, using reading aloud to promote editing.

Teaching of referencing & information skills at SHU

Practical interventions by librarians

Impact on student performance

Practical interventions by library staff at Sheffield College and changes in practice following meetings with RCAT and Sheffield College tutors

Next steps

The presenters are ;

Ashley Barnes (Performance ) Cathy Malone (QESS)

Jo Beadle & Tom Field (Performance, Sheffield College)

Steve Gascoigne ( Performance, Rotherham College)

Questions for discussion: How are discourse features are presented and explored at a course level in your subject? How do we model and support progression in writing?

How can writing be used to explore a subject formatively?

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2012 Creative writing

Elizabeth Barrett, Cathy Malone and Viv Thom

There is increasing interest in the application of creative writing methodologies to teaching and learning in Higher Education (Saunders, 2006, 2007;Bolton, 2010). Drawing on this work, an initiative in the Faculty of Development and Society has been exploring the ways in which creative writing may be used to support teaching, learning and research across a range of disciplines. Led by poet and academic Elizabeth Barrett (from the Department of Education, Childhood and Inclusion) the project aims to enrich student experience and achievement as well as support the research practice and professional development of staff. Creative writing, Barrett argues:  ‘creates an alternative way of knowing for both students and teachers; it allows us to engage emotionally as well as intellectually with the disciplines, offering a way of developing empathy and deepening our understanding’. The project has so far involved undergraduate and postgraduate students within the disciplines of education, politics, sociology, interior design, anthropology and international relations. 

This CoLab workshop will provide a taster of some of the techniques used by the project. The session, which will be facilitated by Cathy Malone, Viv Thom and Elizabeth Barrett, is aimed at staff from across the faculty and no experience or prior interest in creative writing is required. We will demonstrate some ways in which creative writing can be used as a trigger (across subject areas) to engage students, enhance knowledge and understanding of a discipline and support the development of research and academic writing skills.

Pressentation: D6 EN51 – Writing

D6 – (EN51) 15.30