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2012 Implementing the Academic Advisor role across the Faculty of Health and Wellbeing

John Freeman, Dawn Hadden, Mel Hogan and Claire Marsden

The team are leading a project which will ensure that academic support is provided for all Level 4 students in HWB for 2012/13.  

One of these University’s Student Experience priorities was to provide individual academic support for all students. Each undergraduate student will have a named Academic Advisor. These roles need to be established to ensure the provision is delivered consistently and to a high professional standard.  

Research demonstrates consistently that one innovation that would improve the quality of their University experience is more contact time, through group or individual teaching sessions, or time with a personal tutor. (National Union of Students, 2011). Building a key relationship with a named member of academic staff plays an influential role in a number of different ways, Concerns exist in relation to time demands, caseload and a sense of personal tutoring not being valued or given the same kudos as research and teaching. 

The NUS Charter on Personal Tutors outlines expectations of HEI’s. Among these are that all students should be entitled to a named personal tutor who they meet at least once a term. Staff providing this role, which may include understanding assessment feedback, should be trained and supported, and that support be equitable and adaptable. 

Our Thunderstorm presentation will outline who the Project Team are, the timeline and rationale for the project and discuss how the AA role was implemented. This work has wider implications for all staff, particularly Academics and student-facing staff, particularly those providing any form of student support. 

Two questions that may contribute to a discussion would be: 

  • Will the new Academic Advisor role improve the student experience and if so, how?

What can Course Leaders, Academics and teams learn from the implementation of the role that will benefit students across the University?

Click to presentation:  Implementing the Academic Advisor role across the Faculty of Health and Wellbeing

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