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295 – Inspiring Learner Engagement: the development of a curriculum design toolkit – Andrew Middleton, Panni Loh

This poster presents a framework to help curriculum design teams think about ways to heighten leaner engagement. The Learner Engagement Design Lens and the associated materials in the online Teaching Essentials resource-base have been developed with input from academic staff and students from all faculties this year. These ideas for good academic practice from Sheffield Hallam University are organised according to widely understood principles for Learner Engagement (i.e. Chickering & Gamson, 1987, and others) and they are complemented with information for design teams to explore further.

Course design suffers when potential design partners including students, employers and support staff, are excluded due to a lack of useful support. Nicol & Draper (2009) say transformative academic innovations can be stifled by a lack of teaching and learning knowledge among those tasked with designing courses. The design lens is intended to address this by presenting a set of seven inspirational and informative cards for use by multi-stakeholder teams involved in designing and reviewing effective and engaging curricula together.

Further information about the online Leaner Engagement toolkit, links to key resources and information about other design lenses will be shared in the poster.

295 Andrew Middleton Learner Engagement Poster