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UK Engagement Survey (UKES): Findings of Sheffield Hallam’s 2014 Pilot Survey

Alan Donnelly & Dr Helen Kay

Parallel session 2,  Short Paper 2.3

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Short Abstract
This paper will share the key findings of Sheffield Hallam’s pilot of the UK Engagement Survey (UKES) in 2014, which was co-ordinated by the Higher Education Academy. It will explore how students engage with their learning and compare the University’s results against the aggregate UK results.

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Detailed Outline
The UK Engagement Survey (UKES) is a national survey on student engagement which was first piloted by the Higher Education Academy (HEA) in 2013. The principal aim of the survey is to inform enhancements to the student experience and provide institutions with feedback on the level of effort students’ invest in a range of educational activities. The UKES is based on the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE), which is used in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Ireland.

Sheffield Hallam participated in the second year of the pilot between March and May 2014 and it was targeted at Level 5 students. Participating in the UKES allows the University’s students to have an active involvement in the enhancement of their own educational experience and “address how they themselves participate in their own learning” (HEA, 2014).

The findings indicate that Level 5 students at Sheffield Hallam are more positively engaged with their learning when compared with their peers in the sector. This paper will compare the University’s results against the UK results for several key areas of student engagement: academic integration; course challenge; collaborative learning; higher-order learning; reflective and integrative learning; skills development; and engagement with research. The paper will also explore the relationship between student engagement and attainment.

276 – Staff-Student Consultation Committees – David Robert Broom

Giving students a voice is imperative and is one of the Key Performance Indicators of the National Student Survey particularly regarding the questions, ‘I have had adequate opportunities to provide feedback on all elements of my course?’, ‘My feedback on the course is listened to and valued?’ and ‘It is clear to me how students’ comments on the course have been acted upon?’ Whilst module leaders get students to complete module evaluation forms, all courses within the Academy of Sport and Physical Activity have a different process for gaining feedback from students to improve course delivery through the staff-student consultation committee process so the decision has been made to make this consistent. The session will highlight how the ‘Science’ suite of courses gleans feedback from students which has been suggested as a model of good practice from the former Academic Delivery Lead and student support officers. There will be discussion on what has worked well and what hasn’t and it is hoped colleagues will offer suggestions for improvement drawing on their own experiences of getting feedback from students.

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