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172 – What is is that makes today’s student induction so different so appealing? – Hilary Cunliffe-Charlesworth, Christopher Hall, Keith Radley

Using social media to support arrival and integration into Higher Education could be innovative or pointless, but as part of a blended experience there are some useful ideas. This poster describes the use of mobile phones and ipads in experiencing the use of geo-social networking. It demonstrates how students are introduced to each other and the university environment and processes. The poster reflects on what makes the transition into university a positive experience and how students can successfully integrate into the new cohort or join an existing group.

172 JustWhatisitthat

234 – Exploring interactive ebook creation for tablet devices – Peter Walder

Session outline (or abstract): max 300 words This thunderstorm session considers some possible software applications that can be used to create interactive ebooks. Specific mobile apps for creating ebook content will be identified along with the associated workflows. Example ebook documents will be demonstrated that have been created for use on tablet based mobile devices.