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2012 Beyond Employability: Making a Living in Social Justice

Lesley Gornall

In November 2011,  Norfolk County Council put its entire Youth and Community Service out to tender.  At the time,  students had begun to study on the new Level 6 programme, and the tender was incorporated into the Semester 1 module Community Profile.

The Semester 2 Module Understanding Young People was in development.  The module aim was to analyse the needs of all young people, and consider the design and management of effective responsive services.

Given the current employment climate for qualified Youth and Community Workers, and in the light of  the Norfolk Tender,  the module was designed to include a focus on setting up and running Voluntary Sector Organisations,  and Social Enterprise. 

Visiting speakers outlined their funding arrangements and sources, business models, and rate of growth, in addition to considering the needs of particular groups, together with the need to both discover a ‘niche’  and respond to policy.

The paper will examine students’  experiences, and understanding of new ways of making a living, together with module processes, and recommendations for future practice.

B4 – [FU01 and FU43] 11.50