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POSTER – ‘Designing in’ student engagement: examples for course revalidations

Liz Austen

Parallel session 2, Short paper 2.7  – POSTER

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Poster Outline
The Criminology Subject Group has recently revalidated it’s programme of courses.  What began as a need to conform to a new AAF has evolved into a detailed overhaul of the core and elective content, mode of delivery (from long thin to short fat) and a realignment with the vision and identity of the staff group and wider Department.  Our overall aim is to improve student engagement and ultimately student satisfaction of our provision.  Our influences on course design included:-

  • student feedback
  • guiding principles: knowledge, skills and values
  • course identity
  • globalised experiences
  • employability and innovation
  • teaching and learning strategies
  • research clusters/identity/collaboration
  • departmental visions
  • postgraduate links

These influences will be outlined in terms of their meaning, relationship to the curriculum design process and associated pedagogic literature.  This will include alignment with the QAA guidance on Programme Design, Development and Approval (2013) which suggests that design processes should be iterative, effective, foster creativity, and promote equality. We have learnt from this experience of course design, and this short presentation aims to share some of those lessons with others who may be considering or embarking on a similar process.  Support for course design (e.g. workshops or away days ) internally to SHU or externally is also offered.