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264 – Navigation should be intuitive: Designing a blackboard site using website principles – Emma Taylor

There has been an increased development of distance learning courses in the Occupational Therapy and Vocational Rehabilitation subject group with Blackboard being the main learning platform.   Blackboard however can be awkward to use and learning materials can often be found in folders that involve a degree of navigation on the students’ part.  Learning how to use systems such as Blackboard, however, has been found to be a drawback of using such systems (Bradford et al 2006).  To help alleviate this, the module Health Ergonomics in the Workplace has been developed to make the navigation process easier for the students with all material accessible with no more than two clicks. Quick links are provided to some of the more deeply embedded tools to reduce the need for students to search in the learning material. The use of pictures has also been used make the site more attractive.
This poster illustrates the Blackboard site and will hopefully promote discussion around its use, how it could be enhanced further and how the principles can be used in other distance learning modules.

264 LTA poster