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Presentation Skills: Co-creating Rubrics (2014)

Kalman Winston, Bangor University

The session will showcase a simple yet innovative method for teaching presentation skills to first year undergraduate students. As part of their learning skills modules, engineering and medical science students were asked to combine individual written reports into small group oral presentations. After eliciting class discussion of key elements of a good presentation, each group of four worked to create an assessment rubric for their course-specific task, which they then presented to the whole class. Key elements from their rubrics were then combined by their teacher into one rubric that each group used as a guide to inform their own presentations.

Students and teachers subsequently used the same rubric to mark the presentations of each group, with good agreement between different graders. Key outcomes included some high-quality presentations, enhanced understanding of the elements of successful presentations, as well as insight into the processes of rubric development and peer-assessment. This work provides a further example of the learning gains made possible by enabling active student participation and staff-student collaboration in assessment design and use, and demonstrates the value of setting high expectations for student engagement.