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205 – Comparing the learning experience of students following cross-curricular and subject specific modules – James Scales

The importance of considering students’ perceptions of their course when discussing course evaluation is well documented (Schaeffer et al, 2003). While studies such as (Subramanian et al, 2012) may not be a gold standard they are certainly considered to represent the current best practise. Reasons cited for this is the combination of qualitative (Focus groups) and quantitative (Survey) methods of data collection that are used, as opposed to the more unstructured approaches used in earlier examples of course evaluation.The aim of this study is to investigate students’ perceptions of modules taught on a cross-curriculum basis and on a subject specific basis to inform the development of a module that is currently undergoing review.With institutional ethics approval 30 student volunteers from the teacher education courses at Sheffield Hallam University will complete an online survey comprising of a series of multiple item scales. Designed principally to highlight any statistically meaningful differences between students perception of the two module delivery methods.

Data collected from the survey will be used to inform discussion within focus groups using samples drawn from the same population. From which broad themes will be drawn and collated.

Findings from comparable studies have highlighted that there is a difference in the way students’ perceive the different module delivery styles. It is postulated that this difference may be due to a perceived increase of relevance of the subject matter.

The findings of this study are going to be acutely useful with informing the content of the teacher education courses at Sheffield Hallam University. Moreover in a broader aim the findings will be useful informing a range of course in higher education setting that may consider using a cross-curriculum or subject specific course delivery method.