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271 – Transnational Collaboration: Mapping and tracking course experiences of Tutors and Thai teachers of English on a jointly delivered Masters – Alice Oxholm

Last year in my role as programme leader, I was in the privileged position of working with colleagues at SHU and a university in Thailand to map, approve and teach a Masters course to a first cohort of 25 Thai English language teachers working in schools around Bangkok. The process was initially led by the need to understand and apply terms such as “risk assessment”, “credit rating” and “articulation”. This took priority over developing a sense of the individuals who would either be stepping over from a Thai delivered phase to ours or, from a SHU perspective, who would be co-supervising students working and studying in an unfamiliar context.   This session will draw on some selected principles since identified from literature on shared  transnational pedagogy:  care of the participants , communicating expectations, valuing difference of what is already known,  (Dashwood et al 2008).  These will be discussed in relation to the feedback and reflections from the people involved , staff and students, and how this will inform future planning.

Click to view presentation:  271 Working Transnationally with Colleagues final version