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274 – The role of Classroom Assistants in supporting the needs of overseas students – Stephen Hughes & Lawand Qadir

Healthcare in Iraq has suffered over the last decade, and there has been a decline in the number of doctors, nurses and other health professionals. In the new Iraq, the Ministry of Health’s (MoH) focus is on developing capacity, capability and infrastructure. Consequently, they have been looking to the UK to help support the education and training of doctors, nurses and allied health professionals and to rebuild the health system so that it mirrors the multi-professional model of many western countries. At the end of 2011, the Iraqi MoH agreed a programme of courses with the Faculty of Health & Wellbeing to begin delivery in 2012 which integrates English language tuition with nursing and radiotherapy.   The Iraq Healthcare Project course delivery teams have collaborated with the English language delivery team to provide content that simultaneously develops language and skills in the healthcare specialty. The Classroom Assistant (CA) role has played a vital role in supporting the successful delivery of these courses.  Since SHU is striving to internationalise its provision, as highlighted by the SHU Internationalising the Learning Context Conference 2012, faculties may start to have large numbers of overseas students. However, there are concerns (1) whether  a Secure English language Test (SELT) such as IELTS can be used as a predictive score to measure a  students’ ability to cope with the academic demands of UKHE (Yen and Kuzma, 2009, Abasi and Akbari, 2008) and (2) with the retention of high academic standards (Hughes, 2010, QAA, 2009, Rust, 2003). This workshop will provide the opportunity to learn more about how this CA role has supported relatively low language proficiency students, and may prompt participants to explore ways of developing similar roles in their own faculty to enhance the learning experience for both students and staff.

274 2013 Conference – FINAL