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201 – The secret ingredient. Making the Future of Students a fit one – Esther Louise Kent

In light of the changing HE landscape, the comprehensive spending review and the number of applicants for every one graduate job, we introduced and developed the Future Fit Symposium. Over the last twenty years the sport industry has changed at a startling pace. The Sport Industry Research Centre suggests that sport accounts for 2.5% of consumer expenditure and as an industry was worth something in the region of £24 billion per year (Sport Market Forecasts 2009-2013).

The aim of the event was to support the career management and employability of sport students in what is a challenging graduate employment environment.  This event provided an opportunity for students and professionals alike to come together to help bridge the gaps between graduate skills and employment desires.

The day began with an engaging and revealing keynote from Professor Peter Taylor which not only inspired the students but also presented ideas and concepts for the students to consider throughout the day. The 12 workshops allowed students to choose an area tailored to their needs and included Sheffield International Venues, Youth Sport Trust, Sky Sports, Sportsworks, Decathlon and Virgin Active. While some workshops provided enhancement of personal competencies, others provided opportunities for reflection and provided a ‘real life’ review of the world – which provided a shock element for some.

A highlight of the day was the ‘Open Mic’ session where course Graduates offer their time to provide future Graduates the benefit of their experience in the job market.  There were even offers for delegates to apply for current positions and receive discounted CPD qualifications. Feedback proved the success of the event with 100% of students recommending the event to future students.

242 – Practical Strategies for Embedding Employability in the Curriculum – Jeff Waldock

For a variety of reasons, degree programmes are increasingly expected to better prepare graduates for the workplace.  Appropriate mechanisms for achieving this will differ from department to department and from discipline to discipline – but some generally successful principles can be described.  Employability skills comprise practical job seeking (i.e. Career Management) skills, that can be developed through short co- or extra-curricular sessions, and skills such as communication and team working that require longer term development.  Both are important, however this presentation will concentrate on the latter. Successful strategies include the use of work experience (particularly a full-year placement).  Skills in self-awareness are also important – the ability to recognise your own strengths, provide evidence to support this and develop strategies for improvement has a huge impact on gaining employment.  A process of reflection and action planning embedded within the curriculum will help develop these skills.  In addition, appropriate learning, teaching and assessment strategies can enable employability to take place alongside subject skill development.  Courses designed in this way will enable students to develop employability skills – and to recognise that they are doing so – without loss of content. This workshop will discuss the above issues and explore successful strategies for incorporating employability development into your curriculum.  The session will be interactive, and the intention is that you should come away with some specific actions to take to helpd evelop your own practice in this area.  I will be using the ‘Socrative’ classroom response tool to focus discussion and to collate participants’ work.  You can download the app for smartphones and tablet PCs, so come prepared!  (Search the App Store for ‘Socrative Student’)

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